Tomallow Paste
  • Prep: 5min
  • Cook: 15min
  • Complexity: easy

Tomallow Paste

番節抹醬 Fanjei Mojiang
Healthy and easy to make, 番節抹醬 Fanjei Mojiang (Tomallow Paste)!
餃芭特拿 Jiao Batena
  • Prep: 50 min
  • Cook: 10~15min
  • Complexity: medium

餃芭特拿 Jiao Batena

Chinese Dumpling in Butternut wrapper
This is second time I made dumpling wrappers. Suprise! It came out well and taste delicious. Back to 2010, I was making dumplings for celebrating Chinese new year, but unluckly the dough came out so poor, it was even still like liquid. Well I was too young I guess..